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Sarah Anne Davis (with the long-time alias of SADCAT) has been working as a freelance artist since the age of 15. Specializing in colourful fantasy illustration, sequential art, animation, layout, and character design, Sarah has done work for such companies as Ponder Games, Coca Cola, Channel M, Untold Entertainment, and TVO Kids, while maintaining personal projects like SADCAT’s STUDIO and The Awakened Online Comic. In 2013 she completed her four-year Bachelors of Applied Arts Animation degree with high honours from Sheridan College.

Sarah both writes and illustrates The Awakened, a project she has been developing since 2005, when the story was first written as a successful attempt at the National Novel Writing Month. It underwent a number of story re-writes and many art style shifts over the years as it was transformed into comic format, but is at last ready for a finalized debut based on a proper education, an improvement in skill, and a great deal of learning from trial and error.

See more of Sarah’s work here…

If you have need of contacting Sarah, she can be reached here: sadcat @ sarah-davis .com (without spaces, naturally.)

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