Well, the Awakened just woke up (sorry Suzanne, I stole your joke and am keeping it).

Hello there! I’m sure this comes as a surprise (as much for myself as for anyone still paying attention).

The studio I’ve been animating for is between productions at the moment, and as I’ve been missing this comic (and working on my own projects in general) I decided this would be a pretty decent opportunity to breathe life back into old passions. And it feels good to breathe!

I could write a mile-long post about everything I’ve been up to in the past couple years (short version: animating. SO MUCH ANIMATING), but I figure let’s just start this thing fresh! Lots of pages to come with room for my babbling underneath.

But I will throw a link here to my Tumblr, which I’ve been keeping semi-updated and which will be now also be receiving much more attention.



Sarah Anne Davis
(Who has apparently not been breathing since July of 2014.)

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