Say whaaaaaaaaat!?

Careful now, don’t get too close. The comic may have gone feral since last it was paid attention to. But, hopefully, with a little time and care and cookies, it will learn to trust us again.

OKAY. So, this is the new first page of what I am going to call my OFFICIAL second attempt at The Awakened. I have been at Sheridan College for nearly three years now, am heading into my second term of my second year in Animation, and felt that I had simply learned far too much since my first attempt at this comic. This is a project I hold very dear to my heart, and to have left it in the state it was in really just felt wrong.

Now, I am perfectly aware that an artist could conceivably redo something again and again forever and ever, for the rest of their lives and into the great beyond because an artist is always changing and improving. BUT, I am willing to accept that having benefited from an amazing school and fantastic teachers, I am at a point that I can at least look back on these pages one day and think “Yeah, well, I had no excuse at that point.”

BUT ANYWAY. As for these first few updates, and what to expect from here on in:

I will be posting three pages starting today (Sunday, January 9th), which serve as a little introduction to the new Chapter One. Tomorrow I will post another, and one more on Tuesday. AFTER THIS, UPDATES WILL TAKE PLACE ON MONDAYS.

I will do my very best to keep this schedule, though I will state for the record that I *am* still in an intense degree program, and my homework will come first. Regardless, when I update, it will be on a Monday, and I will announce said update on the Awakened Twitter.

And away we go!

Sarah Anne Davis
(Wishing the Christmas break had just started.)

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