What if nothing were coincidence? What if every happy or horrible event that took place in your life was perpetrated on purpose? What if it were all an experiment; a war game that has taken place on a hidden plane since the dawn of humanity? What if you woke to find yourself in the midst of it?

What if everything you thought was true was, in fact, a lie?

Welcome to the world of The Awakened, a comic written and drawn by Sarah Anne Davis. This is a multi-chapter story, and one with secrets. Expect not to be told everything straight away; that would be too easy. Clues will be given, and readers are encouraged to put them together.

This comic is updated on Mondays, as regularly as can be accomplished with the creator also working full time as an animator.

If you’re looking for the old comic pages, you will not find them here. This is a fresh start! However, Sarah may be persuaded to give you access to them at a randomly decided-upon secret location and under multiple disclosure agreements and threat of goon-enforced leg-breakings… if you are extra polite in your inquiry.

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