Page is a day late. APRIL FOOLS, HAHAHA! Hahaha. Ha? No?

Worth a shot.

Just a quick explanation because I know that I would ask if I were the reader here–Yes, these French-speaking characters are going to be slipping in and out of French even though it would make more sense to just keep speaking their first language. But having whole pages in French and then half of it taken up with English translation is not at all aesthetically pleasing, so we can either assume that they are strictly speaking French and the English is there in lieu of full translations (it should be obvious what is going on in these next few pages regardless), or this comic simply went full movie trope and the characters are just trying to impress their imagined audience with the ability to speak two languages.

tl;dr: These dudes are French, and are probably speaking French, but also English was there.


Sarah Anne Davis
(Who is still learning French, so do let her know if she’s accidentally asked to be baptized in dolphin tears.)